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| February 6, 2016

Topic: public law

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QUESTION Rhys Evans is a Member of the National Assembly for Wales and a well-known campaigner against the role played by Church schools in the education system in
Wales, arguing in favour of a secular education system. In this context Church schools are state-funded schools that teach a standard curriculum but which have a
particular religious character or formal links with a particular Church. The following article has recently appeared in the Cowbridge Echo, a local newspaper. Rhys’s
School Scam Rhys Evans has been a critic of Church schools for many years and has been a vocal proponent of the benefits of non-religious education. Well, Rhys may
have undergone a conversion! His daughter, aged 7, has recently started attending St David’s Church in Wales Primary School, one of the most sought after schools in
south Wales – and a Church school. A parent at St David’s Church in Wales Primary School told the Echo that Rhys and his daughter quietly started attending St David’s
Church a couple of years ago so that the young girl could get a school place. As soon as she got her place, they never set foot in church again! It seems that Rhys no
longer believes that Church schools are so harmful after all. He should clarify his position. The article is accompanied by a photograph of Rhys and his daughter
arriving atthe school. The face of his daughter has been blurred to protect her identity. Although Rhys accepts that the article and photograph are factually correct,
he has commenced proceedings in the High Court alleging that his right to privacy has been infringed. Asserting its right to freedom of expression, the Cowbridge Echo
intends to defend this claim. Explain, with reference to relevant case law, the basis on which Rhys will bring his claim and the basis on which the Cowbridge Echo will
defend it. Outline the approach that the High Court will take when considering the claim.

Note: I need the style of the references OSCOLA

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