Public Administration

| February 14, 2016

Public Administration
Question 1: You are a City Council Member. During a Board meeting you have representatives from multiple agencies reporting on planning and accountability. You want to know several things from each agency head. In preparation for the meeting you are given a packet of information about the funding and accountability of each agency. You are charged with preparing a list of questions to ask each agency head.
Begin by considering accountability in the agency and the alternative ways to measure accountability in the public sector. Is it the same measure in every part of public administration?
Next, consider your expectations and questions regarding long term planning and strategic planning. What would you want to know about how each agency plans? Is it subjective or objective?
Consider the four essential functions of public administration in your preparation and the differences between those. Education, health care, criminal justice and national security.
Please write a memorandum for yourself and other Council members that explains your understanding of accountability measures, agency planning and standardization of those concepts versus subjective efforts at those.
This is a real life experience. It happens, so use the materials and class discussions and lectures in your response.

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