PSYCHOLOGY ps340 – Define “quality of life

| April 14, 2018

Hi – I need some assistance for my Exceptional Needs Children class. This is a discussion post that is due by tomorrow and should be about 300-350 words in length.Define “quality of life” in your own words.Explain how quality of life can be measured within the context of your definition.Make recommendations for what must be done to improve the quality of life for adults with disabilities.”Outline what can be done to motivate businesses to train and hire people with disabilities.Why is it important?Explain the benefits for businesses to do this, both from an economic perspective and a social one.Examine how you would feel if the county announced a group home for adults with severe disabilities was to be located next door to your home.What would be your concerns?How do you think other people might react to such plans?What are some things the county could do to alleviate concerns?Even though the quality of life is better than ever for adults with disabilities, what can be done in the future to make sure the trend continues?

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