Provide an overview of the company

| March 17, 2019

Provide an overview of the company, current staffing needs and any recruitment & selection issues that need to be addressed in the organization.  Explain how recruitment affects the other areas of Human Resources in the company.       Recruitment & Selection Issues:   Analyze the recruitment & selection issues in the organization.  Why are they a concern?  Explain the relevant concepts and legislation.  Indicate why they are important.         To improve on the current recruitment and selection practices in the organization, it will be important to educate the management team.  Explain what information you will cover in your PowerPoint presentation.  What results do you hope to achieve?  Anticipate and show how you will address any resistance. Strategic Recruitment and Selection Plan: Formulate a strategic plan to implement the recruitment and selection process throughout the business cycle.  Set the recruitment & selection strategy for the organization and the staffing need in the scenario.  Address the listed areas, along with any others that you think are relevant in this situation.  

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