| June 14, 2018

IntroStraightScape is a tool that a person who cuts their own hair can use to get straightline ups in the front and in the back of their head. It can also be used to preparevarious hairstyles and help a person shave their facial hairs with ease. It works bysticking to the user’s forehead. It sticks to the hair and skin with the help of a skin safeadhesive that is on one side of the tool. After one applies the StraightScape to theirdesired location on the head, they are then able to use clippers to effectively style theirhair.PROMOTION – EVENT MARKETINGCurrent Event Marketing[Identify and describe the any current use of event marketing in the product’smarketing communications, including current events]Right now, the company does not have any event marketing, they planned to havean event marketing. The company planned to have online sales in the future.Proposed Event Marketing[Identify and describe the proposed use of event marketing in the product’s marketingcommunications, including proposed marketing events; highlight changes]In order to have a good event marketing plan, we need to set up our goal, thesuggestion goal for the company is to extend the way of sales and increase thepopularity. Because the company is a new company, not a lot of people know theirproduct, our primary goal is not to get increase profit at first, we wish to have morecustomers know our products. This will effect our future market plan. Also, thecompany need to have a budget about the event marketing. It could help the companysetting the goal better.We suggest the company not only have online sales, but also get different salesapproach. First of all, they could build an app for ios and android phones. Thecustomers could get a discount code by downloading the app. This would help toextend the way of sales and this could help the company to increase the popularity. Ifthis app gets to the top charts in the apple store. I am sure a lot people will know theproduct. Secondly, the company should get relationship with the local hair salon, letthe hairstylist to advertise the product. We can give they kickback if they help to salethe product. Finally, social media interaction could help us to get more customers.Such as creating a Facebook event, sending out an email, and creating a digital filer.PROMOTION – PUBLIC RELATIONSCurrent Public Relations[Identify and describe the current use of public relations in the product’s marketingcommunications]The company is working on donate portion to wounded warriors. They take a part oftheir sales to donate the warriors.Proposed Public Relations[Identify, describe and justify how, when, and for purposes you propose publicrelations should be used in marketing communications for your product; highlightchanges]we suggest the company to have multiple public events.

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