Project requirements Students are to research various sources for

| October 22, 2018

Project requirementsStudents are to research various sources for cases, lawsuits, opinions, and/or eventsthat are related to topics of discrimination and diversity.Students should choose and prepare a presentation covering either a discriminationpractice (showcasing a claim that was either dismissed or substantiated by a court) orevent that had major impact on discrimination/anti-discrimination policies and practicesor the way a general public viewed specific groups.In the presentation, students will explain:a) Circumstances of the case/eventb) Timeline, if applicablec) Main issues in the case (for example, racial or gender discrimination)d) What happened nexte) What can we learn from the case/eventObjective:1. To learn about legal aspects of discrimination2. To research actual legal cases/historical event3. To present such case/event in classTopic: The Stonewall riotsa) Explain what were the Stonewall riots. What happened, and who were themain players in the event (police, gay groups, general public, media, etc.)b) Explain when this took place (not only dates but also what was happening inthe country at the time civil rights movement, anti-war movement etc.)c) What were the main issues? Discrimination against gay and lesbian minoritieslegal (explain anti-homosexual laws at the time) and social. Also importantwas use of violence against any group of citizens, etc.d) Explain how the riots impacted the civil rights movement and, in particular, theorganizing and self-defining of gay and lesbian Americans. What were theconsequences?You might want to create a timeline with events, main names, historical documents a flyer.

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