Project Management-Establishing a Performance Measurement Baseline

| February 14, 2018

“Establishing a Performance Measurement Baseline” Please respond to the following:Imagine that you are managing a project that involves the development of a new football stadium that will support both the Balitimore Ravens & Washington Redskins (similar to what has been done in New Jersey for the NY Jets/Giants). The new stadium will be located in Howard County, MD and will be accessible by cars, bus, and a new direct-line train that will travel from both Baltimore Penn Station & Washington Union Station. Fans will only have to walk 500 feet from the train station to the entrance of the stadium. The stadium will be multiple purpose (similar to Jerry’s World AT&T Cowboys Stadium) so that the stadium can be used year-round. The stadium will seat 85,000 fans. As the PM for this project, you are required to submit a budget proposal for this project. Determine the top three (3) important elements of your budget proposal, and specify the main reasons why the elements you have determined are important.Using the same scenario from Part I of this discussion, determine the best way to establish a performance measurement baseline for your project. Justify your response.Using the Strayer electronic library and/or the Internet, find an article that talks about how to establish a baseline or using baselines for managing your project. You will need to post a link to the article and include the title of the article (ONLY FOR YOUR INITIAL POSTING).

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