Project Management

| September 29, 2018

e-activity:Watch the YouTube Video, “Project 2010 Tutorial Assigning Cost Resources
to Tasks Microsoft Training Lesson 5.3” (3 min 56 s). Be prepared to
discuss.”> QUESTIONS:Organizational Input Requirements” Please respond to the following:
Demonstrate the best possible steps for a project manager to take in
order to price out a job in which the specifications are not prepared
until the job is half over. Provide a rationale for your response.*From the e-Activities, prepare a real-world example of the following task dependency examples:
Finish to Start: You must buy a building before you can start to make changes to it.Start to Start: You can start planning the brick design for a patio at the same time that you start to lay its foundationFinish to Finish: If you were buying a house, you would want to be
sure that you close the sale of your old house the same time that you
close the sale of the house you were buying.Start to Finish: You would want to have set the date and location for your wedding before you send out wedding invitations.

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