| May 16, 2019

PROGRESS MEMO REPORT REQUIREMENTS STRUCTURE/CONTENT REQUIREMENTS: Your report must include the following four sections. Use headings that are meaningful to your reader. 1. Opening Ties back to the reader’s request: connects with the reader Briefly introduces the purpose of the memo (not of the final report) 2. Body Provides information the reader needs to know about the following: The determined audience definition of your final long report The current problem statement of your long report The purpose statement of your long report 3. Details and Work Plan Sources: A description of your sources includes answers to questions like these: What databases and periodicals might you explore? What authors have you found to be experts? What sources have you found already? Whom might you interview? Whom might you survey? A work plan includes what tasks you need to accomplish, over what period you will work on those tasks, what deliverables or output will result from each task, and when each deliverable needs to be completed. 4. Action Conclude: What still presents problems? What still needs to be done? What questions might you have? Remember to connect with the reader, the instructor reading your memo report. HOW TO APPROACH THIS TASK Prepare a work plan that will help you to complete the final report for this course. The purpose of the memo/work plan is to be sure that you have started working on your Final Documented Research report, and to help you think about what’s involved and build a plan to be successful. Being able to prepare a well-thought-out work-plan is an important business skill. Type your memo/work plan in an MS Word document of TWO to THREE PAGES In the body of your memo, addressed to your instructor, be sure to use headings to show that you have included the following, as described in the attachment to this assignment. [2 mark] A problem statement, with specifics [1 mark] An audience analysis [1 mark] A purpose statement [1 mark] A description of your sources & method of collection [3 marks] A tentative outline, with some content factors identified [2 marks] A rough work schedule. Read the attached HINTS AND TIPS file for more important information about my expectations surrounding your work. Here’s the topic to choose it from . Either one (but i want to choose first one ) MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND PRECISELY WHAT EACH TOPIC REQUIRES. ALL REPORTS ARE VERY SPECIFIC AND DEAL WITH SPECIFIC ISSUES AT SPECIFIC LOCATIONS. 1. In a formal report, define, discuss and solve a problem where you currently work. Address your report to your supervisor/manager. The problem may concern staffing, training, policy, equipment, public relations etc. Prepare a report that offers an analysis of the problem (ONE problem) or (ONE) procedure and practical recommendations for correcting and/or changing it. OR Think of a way that an activity in which you have participated could be improved. The activity could be part of a volunteer job, a sports team, a club or any other aspect of student life. Write a formal report to the person in charge of this activity suggesting why and how some changes should be made. Include costs, if applicable. Discuss and evaluate possible solutions, then make a recommendation. Address the report to the appropriate person in the organization. Please find attachment given by the instructor

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