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| June 12, 2016

Proposal letter of 1–2 pages


Write a proposal letter of 1–2 pages to a respected community figure asking him or her to deliver a lecture and dinner speech at your annual festival. Follow the proposal letter guidelines explained in your assigned readings for this phase, and use the sample proposal letter included in those readings as your model.

Outline to go by:

Proposal Outline

Analyze the situation

· Determine whether the purpose of your message is to inform, persuade, or collaborate.

· My letter is to let employees know that it is very important to come up with ways to generate revenue to help the public.

· Identify what you want your audience to think or do after receiving the message.

· I want my audience to know that many people come to the charities for help with shut off notices, bills, and food as well as shelter for the homeless.

· Identify the primary audience

· The audience that I intend to inform is the general public

· Employees

· anyone seeking help from the agency.

Gather information

· Decide whether to use formal or informal techniques by gathering information.

· I will use the formal techenic because it is a respectful business association

· Find out what your audience needs to know

· My intended audience need to know that the agency is running out of funds to help the community and we as a charity organization need to find ways to generate money to help the needed.

Select the best medium for your message

· Posters and Memos describing what we need to do

· Billboards asking the community to give donations

· Carwashes and bake sales to generate funds

Organize your information

· Define your main idea

· Ways to generate money

· Help the needed

· Be there for the public in time of need.

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