Professional Interview – What is your job in the medical field

| February 14, 2018

Assignment Description: Professional InterviewStep 1: Each student is required to locate and read two (2) different current(less than 3 years old) journal articles related to HIPAA, Privacy Rules, orSecurity Rules. The articles can be chosen from a periodical such as theJournal of AHIMA, For The Record, and Advance For Health InformationProfessionals or from a web site such as, Herzingdatabases, or using Herzing LibraryStep Two: Interview a Health Information Management Professional (RHITor RHIA) about HIPAA, privacy rule and security rules. At minimum ask thefollowing questions, you may add more of your own questions.1. What facility do you work at (name and location) and what is yourtitle?2.What is your job in the medical field?3.Does your job relate to HIPAA? If so, in what way?4.How would you describe the Privacy Rule?5.How would you describe the Security Rule?6. How does your facility fulfill the requirements of the privacy andsecurity rules?7.Why is HIPAA important for me to learn while in school?Step Three: Write a 2-4 page summary of your research findings andinterview.1. Provide an executive summary of the article (an executive summary is asynopsis of all the basic information in a longer article). The summary is toinclude the basic information in the articles, outlining the article’s purpose,methods, findings, and conclusions. Briefly tell what the article says atlength.2. Provide a summary of the information obtained in the interview. Be sureto include the name, title, credentials and contact information for the personthat you interviewed. Compare the information obtained in the interviewwith the information from the articles that you read.3. In your summary, create a policy and procedure outlining HIPAA’sprivacy and security rules.4. Analyze and evaluate the information by including your thoughts andopinions regarding the subject. Answer these questions: how does thisinformation relate to you? What actions do you need to take now or willyou need to take in the future? Do you need to share this information withsomeone else?5. Pay attention to Grammar and punctuation issues that must beaddressed. Editing and proofreading must be evident.6. Cite the source of your information (using APA format). Use goodsources. Professional journals, vendor web sites and scholarly sources arerecommended. Avoid less scholarly sources like Newsweek.

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