Problem Set 3 Graphs

| October 22, 2018

Problem Set 3

The website for the Economic Report of
the President is given below. You will need to download the following Microsoft
Excel tables from the Economic Report of the President, 2012

B–2. Real gross domestic product,
B–80. Federal receipts and outlays,
by major category, and surplus or deficit, fiscal years 1945–2013
B–39. Civilian labor force
participation rate and employment/population ratio, 1965–2011
B–42. Civilian unemployment rate, 1965-2011

(”> – (EXCEL worksheets can be downloaded from here)

create a graph of that charts out the Federal Surpluses / Deficits and Real
GDP in each year from 1965 to 2011. (Be careful with the Surplus / Deficit
data, since there is an additional entry to account for a change in how
the data was collected. I simply deleted this row for my graph.)

Again using Microsoft Excel,
create a graph and chart the Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate and
the Civilian Employment to Population Ratio on one axis and plot the
civilian unemployment rate on a second “Y” axis? Plot each data series
from 1965 to 2011.

Hints for Excel Graphs

There is a tutorial for this project at: .be/QvjZ1rdI31M”> (This
might help)
should graph these series as XY Scatter graph. To do this, the data for
the X-axis must be numeric. That
last sentence is important but is all that I will say on the topic.
You will
notice that the scales are different on some of the data series that you
will be graphing. You probably want separate Y-axes for data that are
widely variant.

accomplish this right click (Control-Click on a Mac) on the data series
that you wish to have on a separate Y-Axis.
“Format Data Series”
Click on “Axis” and select “Secondary Axis”
you are in the “Format Data Series” you can ensure that each data set has
a line.

You can
drag the Legend inside the graph itself and then resize your graph to make
it more legible.

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