Prepare your Portfolio assignment by including the following:

| March 17, 2019

Prepare your Portfolio assignment by including the following: A written reflective essay 8-10 pages-not including the CUC cover, title, or reference pages) Artifacts: video clips, website URLs, news photos, etc. In this assignment you will answer the following questions in a reflective format: Explain why managers should resist the inclination to rely on generalizations about why employees behave in a specific manner that does not reflect what you desire from them. What would you do instead of relying on generalizations? As an organizational manager, why should you pay attention to your employee’s job satisfaction level? Should you adjust your decision-making approach to the unique culture you are operating in — adjusting to the criteria that the organization values? Explain your answers. Describe in-groups and in-group favoritism. How can a manager control the negative effects of in-group formation? Explain why in-group-favoritism may foster the practice groupthink. Is groupthink ever valuable? What are common characteristics of an effective team? How would you facilitate group creation and then help individuals in that group learn to work was a team in an organization? How would you, as an organizational manager, avoid putting your colleagues in a position where they feel they have no useful, organizational power? Discuss the ways your management policies, practices, and processes help determine how your organization best engages change.

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