Prepare and post a “self-introduction” in your role

| September 28, 2018

Prepare and post a
“self-introduction” in your role as the CEO. Use a 7-10 slide maximum narratedPPT
presentation. For the role play introduction include the following plus
any information your professor may request pertaining to the roundtable topic:
Introduction: In your CEO role, “your” name
and a little about your personal background (role playing as the CEO of
Chipotle) including your education and major professional experiences before
assuming this current position.
Abilities, traits, and experiencesthat have enabled “you” to achieve
“your” current leadership position as the CEO of Chipotle Mexican
Grill. In doing this, refer to relevant ideas from the readings. If you cannot
find evidence to support your characterization of your CEO, you should
extrapolate based on what you do discover and then rely on creative license to
fill the gaps.
A definition of leadershipthat
you believe the person you are role-playing would support. Base your definition
on your research about the CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill and on your
understanding of the readings and lectures.
“Your” preferred leadership
style.See and refer to the
styles discussed by Colquitt et al.
A brief summary of
major successes and challenges that “you” believe have contributed to
your knowledge and skill as a leader.
A brief summary of
preliminary points relevant to the roundtable topic your professor has posted

is your organization doing, or what should it be doing, to ensure it is
prepared for success in a marketplace where the workforce increasingly demands
increased flexibility in work schedules
(including telecommuting) and a broader array of benefits? Discuss
opportunities/threats posed to your organization with respect to these
challenges, and offer recommendations.

To qualify as substantive
“value-added” a posting must identify, apply, and critically examine an
important and relevant idea pertaining to the topic and must effectively
support a recommended position derived from this analysis. To qualify as
value-added a posting must offer significant insights beyond what others have
already written and should demonstrate an understanding of the industry in
which your role play firm is operating.

When participating in the
roundtable discussion, assume the CEO you are representing is both
well-educated and an avid reader of current management literature, published in
both professional and scholarly journals and is therefore able to reference and
support ideas rather than relying on opinions and personal experience. (Aside:
While it may be possible to find written articles or speeches on leadership by
some of the CEOs, this will not be true generally and is not necessary. You are
role-playing and therefore have the ability to speak for your CEO.)

portion is a Powerpoint, second is a paper. The company is Chipotle Mexican
Grill, and you are doing both topics as if YOU ARE THE CEO of Chipotle Mexican
Grill. You
are role playing as the CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill

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