Prepare a comprehensive financial analysis of sonic corp

| February 25, 2017



Prepare a comprehensive financial analysis of sonic corp or a company of your choice.Analysis must be based on the latest SEC Annual report on form 10K.
Analyze component of the primary financial statements (see below)Including supporting note disclosures, management’s discussion &analysis(the MD&A) and other supporting form 10-k disclosures.
> Primary financial statements for project include the:
Income statement
Balance sheet
Statement of cash flows
>analysis of the income statement and statement of cash flows should focus on the current year compared to prior year.
> Balance sheet analysis should focus on current year only.
>Analysis should include:
Qualitative observation of the financial statistics and measures.
>For example comparison on significant changes in the income statement component compared to the prior year.
>For example ,a comparison of gross profit margin compared to prior year.
>For example,identification of significant components of working capital at year end
>For example comparison of cash flow from operating activity compared to prior year
>Observation if applicable concerning the relationship between the primary financial statements
>fFor example how did earning translate to cash flow from operating activity?

Current developments
>Prepare brief summary on any key developments in latest Form 10 Q and other available information,including any recent Form 8K Fillings
>Comprehensive analysis is not required for the form 10 q and form 8 k.The goal is to determine if there have been any significant changes compared to your analysis of Form 10-K.

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