Practical Application Scenario Assignment (2015)

| September 29, 2018

Practical Application ScenarioAs a result of recent campus safety concerns at Capella University, you have been engaged bycampus security team leaders to gather and analyze data about on-campus crime rates inschools in the state of Minnesota. Crime data from 181 Minnesota campuses has beencompiled in the Campus Crime Data file. Write a management report for campus security teamleaders analyzing and evaluating campus crime data for Minnesota. Include your findings andrecommendations for your clients. In your report, be sure to examine the following:What crimes were most commonly committed on Minnesota campuses between 2009 and2011? Based on the data, would you say the crime rates decreased or increased from 2009 to2011?Fig. 1; Frequency Number of Crimes Occurring within 2009-2011The campus security leaders believe that the total crime rate in public institutions is more thanthat in private institutions. They have asked you to test that hypothesis. Describe your results.Your clients would also like you to develop a 95 percent confidence interval for the difference intotal campus crime rates between public and private institutions in Minnesota. Report yourresults.What, if any, ethical issues should concern you in conducting your research?

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