| March 14, 2016

This week\’s Forum requires you choose one of the Options Sets and then to complete ALL of the questions in that Option in the thread you post to this topic. Remember to also reply to two of your fellow students\’ posts. OPTION 1 1) Define hyperrealism, and then provide and discuss an example of hyperrealism (use the text for the definition, but discuss an example that is NOT in the text). 2) Find one piece of supplemental material that illustrates your example (briefly describe the supplemental material and include an APA Formatted citation for it). 3) John Fiske (1994) notes that the \’postmodern media\’ no longer provide \’secondary representations of reality; they affect and produce the reality that they mediate.\’ (Storey, 2009, p. 189). What does Fiske mean by this? OPTION 2 1) What are the basic tenets of postmodernism, per Jameson? (use text) 2) How can this understanding of postmodernism help to explain the role of popular culture today, as opposed to 20, 50, and 80 years ago? (consider the theoretical frameworks used on popular culture during those times) 3) How is media significant in a postmodern analysis of popular culture? Your posting must be supported by evidence from the readings or outside sources. See Chapter 9. Forum Procedure: 1. Your initial post MUST be made by Wednesday of each week (minimum 250 word count for entire assessment). 2. Your replies MUST be posted by Sunday of each week (minimum 100 word count for response). 3. Submit your initial posting and responses in the Forum/Topic. The Week 7 Forum meets the following course objectives: • Examine the various elements of popular culture and how they inform or reflect our attitudes, behavior, and society. • Locate and analyze culture within individual, social, historical, political, economic, and global contexts. • Describe the cultural and social significance of popular culture in shaping the larger twentieth century American society. • Examine the roles print media, art, music, radio, television, motion picture, the Internet, sports, fashion, and technology have played in the development of American popular culture. • Discuss how patterns of thought and knowledge are directly influenced by political-economic social structures. • Describe underlying assumptions in cultural theories and arguments. • Exercise written, oral and/or mediated communication skills, and critical thinking skills. • Constructively comment and elaborate on the work of others. • Use American Psychological Association style guide for paper formatting and citation style

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