Post PSS301 unit 7 assignment

| July 29, 2018

Book Review and Analysis assignmentNow that you have chosen your book and have started to read it, here is what I will expect when the assignment is due in Unit 7 (week 7).You will submit a book review and analysis on the main themes in the book and what you have learned. Include the following in your review and analysis:Give an overview of the book – Describe the key points of the book; Explain the message(s) of the book.So what? – What is your take away from the book?; How does the book resonate with you?; Explain what you learned from the book; How will this help your strengths/weaknesses in order to develop your own career?What next? – What next steps can you take to realize the benefits of the book?The report should be between 4-6 pages typed, double-spaced in Arial 10 or Times New Roman 12. The APA citation style shall be used.The Book Review and Analysis assignment will be due in Unit 7 (week 7).
Choose one of the below
listed books for your book review and analysis assignment and purchase it as
soon as possible. By clicking on the link for each book, you will be able to
read a review of the book. These are all popular books and are available through
websites such as Amazon. It is fine to use the book reviews to help decide
which book to choose. However, the review and analysis must be your original
thoughts and ideas.

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