post MKt315 unit 5 discussion

| December 6, 2017”>Unit 5 DB: Service Marketing vs.Product MarketingSome service marketers vehemently maintain that service marketing is fundamentally different from product marketing and that different skills are involved. Some traditional product marketers disagree, saying, “good marketing is good marketing.” How does this quandry apply to various target markets?″ alt=”Inline image 1″>You are expected to incorporate specific marketing terminologies from the text in your responsesIn order to be eligible for top grades, you must do the following:Post your response to the main discussion board topic on or before Wednesday (minimum of 150 words)Respond to a minimum of 4 of your classmates on or before Sunday (minimum of 75 words)All your entries must be thoughtful and substantiveAll your entries should contain specific marketing terminology and/or include concepts/theories from the textCite all your references to the text including page numbers and external sources of credible information

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