post eng120 unit 1 and 2 discussions

| August 14, 2017

unit 1 dissread through the abstract of ” Do First-Year University
Students Know What to Expect from Their First-Year Writing Intensive

First, paraphrase the abstract into your own words and
include an in-text citation and reference.

After writing your initial paraphrase, answer the following
questions about your classmates paraphrases: (in a paragraph or more)

What is the main idea of the paraphrase?
What suggestions can you give to improve the paraphrase?
Was the in-text citation correctly written in APA?
Was this paraphrase easier to understand than the original
passage? Why or why not?

Unit 2.1 DB: Artificial Intelligence
After reading the articles, answer the following:

How has Artificial Intelligence directly affected your life
over the past few years? What is your future career? Do you believe that this
career can be replaced by Artifical Intellgence? Justify your answer by finding
one credible source and using at least one quotation in your response.
What are some of the possible consequences of jobs being
replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

Unit 2.2 DB: Movie Critique
Read through some movie reviews on a few sites from Roger
Ebert, The New York Times, and Yahoo Movies.

Then, choose a movie that you have recently watched and
write a two paragraph critique of the movie. Remember to be objective (no
“I”, “we”, “you”) and include supporting details
from the movie to follow your theis describing the positives or negatives of
the movie.

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