POST BUS311 unit 7 and 8 discussions

| August 14, 2017”>Unit 7.1 DB: Formal reportsChapter 13 presented a formal report (pp. 413-27). What did you think of it? What did you like or not like about it? What could be better? Am interested in your thoughts. As always, I want some”>Unit 7.2 DB: Oral presentationsLet’s pretend you’ll be giving an oral presentation related to your imaginary business. You can choose the topic and the audience.Refer to Table 14.1 on p. 454 and discuss the 6 bullet points related to predicting the audience’s probable”>Unit 8 DB: Who are you?Refer to page 532 ( 528 in the 11th edition) and answer the question “Tell me something about yourself” – as if you were being asked in a job interview. Think about these questions:What kind of worker are you?What are your best skills?What are your major accomplishments?What motivates you?

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