| August 14, 2017”>Unit 1 AssignmentHomework assignment: After reading both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, Answer the following 3 questions and relate them to one another:1.) How do you feel about scientific information that comes from tests financed by companies with a vested interest in the outcome?2.) How do you feel about experiments that were originally being developed and instead another outcome originated?3.) Can you find an example where data may have been faked? Do you feel this incident would show that science cannot be trusted? Or does it confirm the usefulness of a scientific approach because other scientists can expose the fraud? For example, look up the ‘invention’ of sucralose and the marketing of Olestra and discuss. Please provide your sources, and feel free to comment on other ‘inventions’ and other marketing studies you may find for extra credit. This assignment should be no more than 2 pages, and works cited are required at the end of the 2 page assignment.

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