Porter 5 Forces in the Singapore port management

| March 31, 2017

1. Porter 5 Forces in the Singapore port management

– How about supplier power? Please description.

– How about buyer power? Please description.

– How about threat of new entry? Please description

– How about threat of substitutes? Please description.

– How about rivalry? Please description.

– How can Singapore to prevent rivalry?

2.PESTEL – Just analysis about the Economic factors

– Lenovo in Europe

– Nokia in USA

– Volkswagen in China

3a. Please state and description Tiger airways SWOT of strength

– Description one of the strength and what is the reason it work

3b. Please state and description Hilton Hotel SWOT of threat.

– How to reduce the threat?

– How to reduce the weakness?

4. This question about ansoff matrix

– When will you use product development in Nokia? Please description and why?

– When will you use market development in Harley motor? Please description and why?

5. Please state Advantage and disadvantage of theentry mode:

– Exporting

– Wholly owned subsidiaries

– Strategic alliance

Which entry mode will you choice when “Vegemite” go into china? Why?

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