Political science

| February 12, 2016

Political science
find an article using the experimental method published in a scholarly journal like American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, or Journal of Experimental Political Science by using Google Scholar. http://scholar.google.com/. Write a three page summary and critique of the article. In the summary, be sure to discuss the experimental design, the experimental stimulus, the experimental conditions, and the type of experimental subjects used. In your critique, mention one strength and one weakness of the experimental study and explain why these are strengths or weaknesses. When submitting the assignment, be sure to include a full cite of the article that you are reviewing as well as a link to the article online.

Your paper should be 3 pages minimum and double spaced (12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins). The alternative activity will be evaluated by the lab director (Dr. Fridkin). Please submit your assignment through the SPGS Experimental Lab Organization Blackboard page. The alternative assignment is listed under the content tab, and each submission will be reviewed through SafeAssign software to ensure anti-plagiarism.

You need to identify the professor and the class at the top of your assignment to receive credit.

If you are having difficulty completing the assignment, please feel free to take advantage of the on-campus and online resources designed to assist students. Helpful resources include the ASU Tutoring and Writing Centers https://tutoring.asu.edu. If you are having difficulty submitting your assignment or logging into the sona systems booking site, the University Computing Commons sites located throughout campus should be able to assist you https://ucc.asu.edu.

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