Political Science

| February 6, 2016

Political Science

Paper details:

The following two essay questions need to be answered:
(these are exam essay questions. I need you to use the following textbook: The Struggle For Democracy by Greenberg Page, 12th edition for both essay questions. These essay needs to be footnoted. Should be 2 full single spaced pages for each essay question.

1. Woodrow Wilson characterized the system of national government of the 1880’s as “congressional government.” Some observers have described the American government system of the mid-twentieth century as presidential. Discuss the factors that have affected the relationship between the president and Congress over time.
(sppeedypaper – implement the following terms as much as possible in the answer and where appropriate: oversight, House of Representatives, Senate Committees, “Chief clerk”, “Chief Executive”, New Deal, Commander-in-chief, Title 10, U.S. Code, importance of ,importance of role in foreign affairs, excecutive agreement, imperial presidency, Gulf of Tonkin, Resolution effects of Vietnam War and Watergate, media role regarding Vietnam and Watergate ,War Powers, Resolution known as the War Powers Act, Executive office of the President, White House staff ,cabinet ,comparison of presidential system to a parliamentary one, Define terms where used. Any other terms that are relevant)
3. How can the U.S. Supreme Court best fulfill its role of judicial review? Should it apply judicial restraint? adhere to procedural due process, and try to follow the “original intent” of the framers of the Constitution? Should it follow a philosophy of judicial activism and substantive due process, and not worry about the “original intent” of the framers of the Constitution? (speedy paper – again this has to be footnoted Terms to be used: Use terms below in the answer – as many as possible – definitely use those in the question and the others listed where possible: stare decisis, original jurisdiction, appellate courts, judicial restrain , procedural due process, original intent, “least dangerous branch”, judicial activism, substantive due process,” imperial judiciary “John Marshall, Marbury v. Madision, federal legislation and actions of the federal government, Cohens v. Virginia ,Roger Taney, Dredd Scott v. Sanford, liberty of contract, any other terms that are relevant)

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