Please write a 800 words CV and a 400 words

| March 17, 2019

Please write a 800 words CV and a 400 words script for me to talk of the camera. ABOUT ME I am Venice Su, from Malaysia, an international student that study at Deakin university in Melbourne. My major is digital media/mass communication, we have learn advertising strategy design, film editing, website design and so on. Part time job: Barista & Game master Game master for a virtual reality company, and my boss will ask me to design the corporate packages, name card, and etc. My interested started with designing, found a part time job that my boss allows me to do the graphics designing with my knowledge from uni. I have developed my adobe photoshop skills, adobe illustrator and etc.. We  would like to choose graphic designer as what I want to be in the future. To extend my….. Recently found a job which is related to what I want to do in the future. Now we are working for Tang events in Melbourne. ( Tang events is a company for night clubs) My role is Tang graphic designer, which I need to design all types of artwork for related to the night club. For example, launch party artwork, themed artwork, weekly artwork, drinks artwork, drinks menu, tang anniversary artwork, and tang logo.

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