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| October 22, 2018

Please do not copy and just change the articles to your own words, or I will deny youranswer. Thank you!Read the textbook that I give you at the bottom first-Please thoroughly answer the following questions:Why does the public have the perception that school violence is on the increase?Do you agree with zero-tolerance programs? Why?What can school administrators do to help ensure that schools are safe?How can the general public help?-Write a paper about your answer of these questions-The content should be no less than 1 page (no cover page, include introduction, 1-2paragraphs that present opinion of your argument)-Single spaced, New Times Roman font, size12.Textbook content:School Violence In many schools, vandalism of school property and physical assaults onstudents, teachers, and administrators are serious problems. School violence steadilyincreased during the 1970s; tapered off during the 1980s, but dramatically increasedagain in the early 1990s, peaking in the 1992 1993 academic year. Shootings in schoolsacross the country prompted many districts to install metal detectors at the doors throughwhich all students, faculty, and administrators must pass before entering the building( Morganthau et al., 1992). Observers wrote, at many schools, guns are as familiar asbook bags ( Nordland, 1992: 22), and gun violence in schools has increased to the pointwhere even fourth and fifth graders are arming themselves ( Morganthau et al., 1992:25). Violence in the Dallas schools reached epidemic proportions in 1991; a localtelevision station aired a five- part series called Education: The Four Rs Readin, Ritin,Rithmetic, and Revolvers. By March 1992, the New York public schools had reported 56shooting incidents ( 6 result-ing in fatalities), making it the bloodiest school year in thedistricts history ( Morganthau et al., 1992). In 1997 and 1998, multiple shooting murdersin Paducah, Kentucky; Pearl, Mississippi; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Springfield, Oregon; andLittleton, Colorado, prompted school officials across the United States to make thereduction of school violence their number one priority ( Stewart, 1998). During this sameperiod, other countries, especially Japan, experienced similar increases in youthhomicides and other forms of violence in the schools ( Zielenziger, 1998). Violence inschools has been linked to violence in the larger society and to poverty, gang rivalries,drug sales, and drug abuse ( Ballantine and Hammack, 2009). In an effort to combatschool violence, schools across the United States participate in a fed-erally fundedzero- tolerance afed-erallyfundedzero-tolerance campaign in an effort to establishschools as gun- free and drug- free zones ( see Sociological Focus 14.3).

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