please can you use the marketing

| October 14, 2019

please can you use the marketing and the law 5th edition textbook by Brendan Sweeney, Mark Bender, Nadine Courmadias. Also please separete each question and also include sections of the Australian law please. this should be strictly on Australian busness law only and strictly on the (MARKETING AND THE LAW 5TH EDITION) TextbookM invented a new type of foldaway ironing board. He approached H Ltd, a German company, with a view to commercialising the invention. The parties entered into a confidentiality agreement which, among other things, provided that any information supplied by M to H Ltd was to remain confidential ‘forever’. M displayed the invention at trade fairs and applied for a patent. Negotiations eventually fell through. Subsequently, H Ltd, without M’s consent, commenced to market its own ironing board based on M’s invention.  Does M have any remedies against H Ltd?  

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