Planning for an event is a logical, systematic, yet fluid process.

| September 6, 2016

“Planning for an event is a logical, systematic, yet fluid process.Developing a generic planning process that integrates not just the event but the business and sector that supports it should enable the event planner to gain a clearer understanding of the event, the business and the impact of each on the other.” (Raj Walters and Rashid 2009:35)

Prepare an outline plan for a festival or event with which you are familiar.The plan should include the following components:

The event concept – what is the theme of the event, identify the key stakeholders of the event
Details required to stage the event – where, when, duration, admission.Site details,
Clearly identify the aim(s) of the event
Implementation plan with time scales and allocation of tasks (PERT or Gantt chart)
(20 marks)

Task 2

The Events Sector Industry Training Organisation (ESITO) is involved in projects seeking to identify the common skills, knowledge and understanding required by event organizers.Amongst the most frequent skills in event related job advertisements are:

Time management – running to a schedule;

Organisational and logistical skills;

Research skills – gathering information

A positive and adaptable attitude – make it happen

Problem-solving skills and can-do attitude

Innovation and creativity – generating the ‘wow’ factor

Select two skills and present a structured argument to describe and analyse their contribution to the success and credibility of an event organizer.(15 marks)

Task 3

Public relations skills are utilised to generate interest in festival and events. Select and explain, using theory and examples, a marketing tool or tools that would create initial awareness and interest for a festival or event of your choice.(10 marks)

Professional presentation throughout(2marks)

Use of Harvard referencing(3 marks)

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