Pick a company from one of the following industries:

| October 14, 2019

Pick a company from one of the following industries: Automotive Manufacturing Food, Beverage, Cannabis and Brewing Production Oil and Gas Refineries Clothing Manufacturing The purpose of the assignment is to consider how the advancement of technology is already and will continue to change the role of the management accountant by researching current articles and information sources (sources must have been written within the last 2-3 years and global perspectives are welcomed). Deliverable: Write a report discussing technological approaches/solutions that can be adopted for use in management activities for the company you selected.Your report should include at least two of the sections below: Costing Methods Budgeting and Analysis Segment Reporting and Performance Measurement The report should: Be written in a professional tone and cite at least 5 sources to support the content The report should be 1000-1200 words (approximately 4 pages single-spaced) There should be 2 distinct sections as outlined above (2 main categories of activities in management accounting) You will need to discuss the specific needs of the company you selected throughout the report and should not provide generic recommendations. For example, if selecting a brewer, consider where they operate, how many divisions they have, and what performance measurement might mean in terms of their operations and strategy. There is no executive summary required as it is a business report and should have a proper overview, two main sections (1 for each area of activity highlighted). When discussing each major activity, the content should be focused on what the purpose of the activity is (i.e budgeting) and then discuss how technology is or will change the way it is performed. This is viewed as the technological solution and can be a combination of one or more fully described advances in the profession. You should also consider the advantages introduced through your recommended integration of technology and what weakness (ethical, technical or logistical) it will address, as well as any limitations or disadvantages of the proposed solution. A rubric will be published under separate cover. Weight: 10% of Final Course Mark (4% for each section, 1% for professionalism, 1% for adequacy of citations, uniqueness and logic)Rubric for non technical component (source material and development – 2% of total weight): Criteria 0-3 4-8 9-12 Source material Limited or no research performed using either a single source or no external sources to develop content 3-5 sources used that were non current or lacked substance to support the development and relevance of material in the report. Current sources used, relevant to topic and correctly applied Professional and Logical development Report was generic and did not align to the core theory of the course topics assigned. Vague interpretation and or illogical development Some logical development but lacked sufficient detail and or professionalism to support the conclusion reached Each component was developed logically, points were made clear and supported by adequate reasoning. Little to no assumptions were required

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