PHYS 320 iLab (O) Experiment 7

| July 29, 2018

Magnetic Field of a Permanent Magnet and a SolenoidDATA SHEETName: __________________ Date: ___________2 questions @ 1 point each and 14 questions @ 2 points each. 30 points total.*Note: There are 2 parts to this worksheet.Part 1: Prediction1. How does the magnitude of the magnetic field change as the distance from the magnetchanges? (1 point)Part 1: Data2. Record the equation of your fit and the scale factor here. (2 points)Equation of FitScale Factor(A)Power (n)Y offset (B)3. Paste a copy of your magnetic-field versus distance graph here. (2 points)Part 1: Questions4. Is the relationship between magnetic field strength and distance linear? (2 points)5. Based on the results of the curve fit in the statistics area, what is the relationship betweenthe magnetic field strength and the distance from the magnet? (2 points)6. Did your fit work for those data points that were closest to the magnet? Explain. (2 points)Part 2: Prediction7. How does the magnetic field in the center of a solenoid depend on the current through thesolenoid? (1 point)Part 2: Data8. Record the number of turns and the length of your solenoid in the table below. Calculatethe turns per length. (2 points)PHYS320 iLab (O) DatasheetPage 1Experiment 7Number ofloops of wire:Length ofsolenoid (m):n turns perlength(m?1):9. Record the measured resistance of the solenoid here. (2 points)R=10. Paste a copy of your magnetic-field versus time graph here. (2 points)11. Record the average voltages and magnetic fields in the table below. Calculate the currentthrough the solenoid using Ohm’s law. Calculate the turns per length of the solenoid. Findthe average. (2 points)Average voltage(V)MaxZeroMin0Current (A)Average MagneticField (mT)0N/L (turns per m)N/AAverage12. Calculate a percent difference for the two separate measurements of the turns per lengthfor your solenoid using the formula: (2 points)difference=( measurement 1?measurement 2 )measurement 1× 100Show your work.Part 2: Questions13. What were the sources of error in this experiment? (2 points)14. How does the strength of the magnetic field relate to the turn per length? (2 points)15. How does the magnetic field strength relate to the current in the coil? (2 points)16. What physical quantity does the measurement of the magnetic field at zero voltagecorrespond to? (2 points)PHYS320 iLab (O) Datasheet

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