Philosophy "Capital Punishment"

| February 13, 2016

Philosophy “Capital Punishment”
Hey, can you please write a one page like a an answer or summary answering each question. Each question is like a topic asking about some philosophers. like for e.g.. Descartes is in q1 is a philosopher and so on in each question.
The sources don’t matter you can have more or less.
1. “Descartes says that ‘it were for better never to think of investigating the truth at all, than to do so without a method.’” Fully explain this and why he was so troubled by disorganized thinking.

2. How is skepticism important to Cartesian philosophy?

3. Sketch Hume’s analysis of cause and effect.

4. Elaborate on Kant’s question: “What is the moral law?”

5. How does Mill distinguish between happiness and contentment?

6. How does Marx link alienation to capitalism? Fully explain this relationship?

7. Fully develop the three stages in Kierkegaard’s stages of life.

8. Define James’ pragmatic religion and how it relates to his concept of cash value.

9. What is Nietzsche’s problem with modernity? How is decay related to the problem of modernity?

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