Personal Values

Examine principle ethical theories to gain understanding for how principle ethical theories impact ethical decision-making. Explore ways of how to demonstrate humility and a willingness to examine your own behavior, biases, attitudes, and perspectives, cultivate a desire to allow Scripture to shape one’s decisions in life, work, and society, and practice the ability to engage in skillful and winsome dialogue on ethical issues.Assignment InstructionsIdentify your top 3–5 values and what has shaped them. Then, reflect on what they signify about you and your particular moral compass and approach to making ethical/moral decisions.Read the following Biblical passages that set forth foundational ethical values found in a Christian ethics approach.Create a list of ethical values from these Scriptures: Exodus 20:1–17 (opens in new window), Matthew 5:1–10 (opens in new window), and Galatians 5:22–23 (opens in new window).From your created list, reflect on the ethical values that are practiced in your personal life.Identify and circle the top five values that match your life (i.e. others can see these in your life).Summarize what you have learned about your personal values.What are your top 3–5 values and what has shaped them (e.g. parents, life lessons, religious influence)?What are some surprising discoveries you learned about your top values?What was your top value?What did you find to be most helpful in this exercise?What is one ethical value that you would like to acquire (grow in) in the future? Why?Assignment RequirementsCitation requirementsWord count: 250APA formatting (for each part)Title pageReference pagePlagiarism submissionRequirementsIdentification of top 3–5 values from Scriptural excerptsSummary of identified personal values and self-reflection

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Personal Values
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