| October 14, 2019

PERDISCO MYOB PRACTICE SET Perdisco MYOB practice set Students are required to complete an online MYOB practice set. The practice set has been designed to provide students with experience in the practical and technical skills essential to accounting with the MYOB Accounting Plus software, through the completion of a one month accounting cycle for afictionalbusiness. The practice set will provide each student with a unique accounting scenario and therefore must be completed on an individual basis. Once each page has been submitted, you will be provided with immediate feedback on your performance. The online practice set is available from within your Perdisco account. Payment can be made using a Visa or MasterCard credit card or by BPAY, cheque or Australia Post money order. To purchase the practice set, follow the instructions provided at When you purchase the practice set, you will also receive a STUDENT COMPANION & HELPFUL HINTS document from Perdisco. You should set up your Perdisco account early and download this document to better understand how to successfully complete the practice set. The cost of the practice set is approximately $25.To complete this practice set, you will also need access to the MYOB Accounting Plus Version 19 software. This software is separate to the practice set itself and, if you have access to MYOB by other means, you are not required to purchase it from Perdisco (There may be compatibility issues if you use a later version than version 19. Version 19 is available to use freely in certain University’s computer labs (information on computer room numbers will be provided in a separate assignment handout), or you may purchase it from Perdisco at a cost of approximately $20). Please note that the version of MYOB offered for sale through Perdisco is NOT COMPATIBLE with Apple Mac operating system. It is for your personal computer and cannot be downloaded and installed on the university computers. If you do not have your own access, instructions on downloading and installing MYOB are also provided at

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