Peer Pressure Is One Thing That All Teens Have in Common

| September 13, 2020

Young people often feel pressed when they are included in a group. Some argue that young people under pressure gain more benefits than, for instance,others who do not have such pressure. In my opinion, young people should withstand that pressure because it is essential. Peer group pressure has several advantages for young people. Firstly, it encourages young people to learn from others. For instance, students who enrolled in the same course in college may probably compete with each other.
Some students who have poor-academic performance might feel stressful, and therefore they tend to catch up with others or communicate with each other. Secondly, young people may adjust their behavior in a way that most young people used to do in one group. Young people seek to be included rather then excluded. Pressure from group may persuade young people to study a new skill or an interesting subject. Lastly, as a psychological practice, pressure can make young people grown-up.Pressure can enforce young people to change in a way that their behavior may be more acceptable in society. In consequence, young people taking a good approach to face pressure will have more opportunities to be sucessful in their life.
However, pressure is bound to have some harmful effects. Nowadays perhaps, young people in general are not as strong as previous generation of young people, who used to face a variety of pressure. As a result, some young people may feel more upset or disappointed.In addition, they may have the possibiliy that they fail to face pressure , and as a result they may alter their life into a negative side. To sum up, it is clear that Pressure from group has had both positive and negative effects on young people’s behavior. I believe that parents should teach them how to encounter different types of pressure around the life and give them more useful tips , and encourage them to accept more challenges. However, young people should also find a good solution to remove their own negative feelings, such as do more sports and listen music.

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