Part IV. Apply this to your own situation

| August 31, 2017

Part IV. Apply this to your own situation

Using one of the above statistical tests, compose and SOLVE anactual problem from the context of your own personal or professional life. You will need to make up some data and describe which test you will use to analyze the situation. Here’s an example:

Example:Do not use this problem!!

State the problem that you are analyzing.

Last year, I asked the kids in my neighborhood what kind of cookies they preferred. 50% said chocolate-chip, 20% said oatmeal-raisin, and 30% said sugar cookie. I want to see if this has changed.

Make up some data for the new situation.

I asked 50 neighborhood kids what kind of cookie they preferred now and here’s what they said:

· 35 said chocolate-chip

· 5 said oatmeal-raisin

· 10 said sugar-cookie

Determine which type of Chi-Square test you will perform.

Since these are unequal frequencies, I will perform a Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test (Unequal Frequencies).

Specify your null and alternative hypotheses.

H0: There is no difference this year in the preferences of cookies within the neighborhood kids.

H1: Things have changed.

Setup the test












Perform the test

Paste your STATDISK results here

State your conclusion

We have evidence to believe ….

I need you to just make up some data or study for this question, if you can gear it to a hospital setting that would be great? Again the above is only an example that I cannot use.

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