Part 1 Research on ‘Big 4’ and ‘non-Big 4’ audit firms

| March 17, 2019

Part 1 Research on ‘Big 4’ and ‘non-Big 4’ audit firms (24 marks; i.e., no more than 1200 words) Audit firms are categorized in a number of ways; the two most common being the international ‘Big 4’ audit firms and the ‘non-Big 4’ (or mid-tier) audit firms. 
The Big 4 audit firms are; 
(i)    Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC),
(ii)    Ernst and Young (EY), 
(iii)    KPMG, and
(iv)    Deloitte. 
Most audit firms maintain a website that explains the services offered by the firm and provides resources to their clients and other interested parties. The services offered by most firms include both audit and non-audit services. Required Find the websites for: 
(a) a ‘Big 4’ audit firm and
 (b) a ‘non-Big 4/mid-tier’ audit firm. 
Present a ‘business report’ that addresses the following two requirements; (a) Compares your two audit firms on the following ten characteristics: (20 marks; i.e., no more than 1000 words) 
i.    Range of services provided.
ii.    Geographic coverage (i.e. where their offices are located). 
iii.    Number of staff and special skills offered.
iv.     Industries in which they claim specialisation/expertise.
v.    Publications and other materials provided to their clients or the general public.
vi.    Key marketing message(s). 
vii.     A topic of your choice No. 1. 
viii.     A topic of your choice No. 2. 
ix.    A topic of your choice No. 3.
x.     A topic of your choice No. 4.
Note, to find four ‘topics of your choice’, you will need to look-up (at least) four articles published in ‘professional’ and/or ‘academic’ accounting/auditing journals that have examined differences between ‘Big 4’ and ‘non-Big 4’ audit firms. These articles (reference sources) must be cited in your responses, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using APA referencing style. (b) Makes a recommendation on which audit firm your group would prefer to work for and why. Your explanation must refer to the material presented in Part 1 (a). If the recommendation of your group is ‘undecided’, then explain why, again, referring to the material presented in Part 1 (a). (4 marks; i.e., no more than 200 words)
Part 2 Research on Arthur Andersen/Enron (12 marks; no more than 600 words) In 2002, the audit firm Arthur Andersen (one of the then ‘Big 5’ audit firms!) collapsed following charges brought against it in the United States relating to the failure of its client, Enron. Some other clients announced that they would be dismissing Arthur Andersen as their auditor even before it was clear that Arthur Andersen would not survive. Required (a) Using any two of the three theories outlined in Gay and Simnett (2015, Chapter 1,

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