park university MG260 final exam

| January 31, 2017

Grading Summary

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1. Question :

Giving a ring to one’s fiance is an example of a conditional gift to be returned if the couple decides not to get married.

2. Question :

According to the principle of federal supremacy and the U.S. Constitution, federal law never defeats conflicting state law.

3. Question :

A misdemeanor is a type of tort.

4. Question :

Generally, silence is not considered acceptance.

5. Question :

Under the mailbox rule, an authorized acceptance is effective even if it is not received.

6. Question :

A boat blown into the wrong dock by a storm is considered abandoned property.

7. Question :

Substantial performance does not apply if the breach of contract was willful.


8. Question :

Contracts for the sale of goods for $500 or more must be in writing according to the Statute of Frauds.

9. Question :

Appellate courts hear issues of law.

10. Question :

Mediation is binding.

1. Question :

If a minor enters into a contract with an adult, the contract is ____________ because the minor could get out of the contract but the adult could not.

2. Question :

Which one is a function of the law?

3. Question :

Our common law came to America from which group of European settlers?

4. Question :

Using ______________, courts can declare the actions of other government bodies unconstitutional.

5. Question :

The transfer of a right under a contract is a ________.

6. Question :

This contractual theory of product liability applies when goods are not fit for their ordinary purpose.

7. Question :

What is the State’s burden of proof in a criminal case?

8. Question :

A poster advertising a reward for returning a lost dog is


9. Question :

In a _____ breach, the nonbreaching party can cancel the contract.

10. Question :

Raspberry Ice Tea, a rap musician, is dangled by his ankles four stories high until he agrees to sign a contract to share his copyright royalties with rap musician Scotty Doggy Dog. This contract is an example of ____________.

11. Question :

Which is not a tort-based form of product liability?

12. Question :

An illegal contract to kill someone tomorrow would be

13. Question :

The ability to incur legal obligations and acquire legal rights is ______.


14. Question :

A counterclaim is filed by the __________.

15. Question :

Honesty in fact refers to

16. Question :

Which of the following is an intentional tort?

17. Question :

A unilateral contract is defined as

18. Question :

The pleadings are

19. Question :

Which of the following is a defense to negligence?

20. Question :

Without fault refers to:

21. Question :

Which is true?

22. Question :

Anna followed a rainbow to the end and found a pot of gold. The pot belonged to a leprechaun and was embedded in the soil at Park University in Missouri. The law that would apply to determine who owns the gold can best be described as ____.

23. Question :

The key concept of quasi-contract is

24. Question :

Which of the following is adequate consideration?

25. Question :

A minor can rescind most contracts. This right to rescind is referred to as ____.

26. Question :

The power of a court to hear and decide a case is

27. Question :

Damages awarded to punish the defendant and to deter others in the future are called

28. Question :

Elizabeth stayed in her apartment beyond the date she agreed to move out. The landlord demanded that she move out immediately, but she refused. Which type of tenancy is this?

29. Question :

A contract where all the parties have yet to perform their contractual duties is best described as

30. Question :

Which is not a type of misuse of legal proceedings?

31. Question :

Caveat emptor means

32. Question :

The _____________ requires that landlords ask for permission before entering a tenant’s dwelling and requires that landlords stop excessive noise from other tenants.

1. Question :

Discuss three concepts from the US Constitution that help promote business today.

2. Question :

Discuss four differences between a tort and a crime.

3. Question :

What is the difference between lost, mislaid, and abandoned property?

4. Question :

Describe the relationship between social responsibility and the law.

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