Park University Course Project – Apple Inc. (2015)

| June 9, 2016

The final project paper will have roughly 10-15 pages double spaced body (plus title page, abstract page and reference page for a total of 13- 18 pages. Title page, abstract, headings, cites and references, and font (Times New Roman 12) to be in APA format. When using information from sources to support your analysis, be sure to cite the sources, indicate quoted passages and reference sources at the end of the document. Sources should not include other student papers from the internet, blogs, wikipedia (or other reference/ dictionary type sites), but should be professional credible sources – company web sites, journals, and professional periodicals.

Introduction and Problem Statement (1.5-2 pages).

Introduction: Under the main heading of Introduction, Write an introduction/ overview of a company listed on the stock exchange ( check to be sure they have annual reports available online) . Describe the company and their product(s)/ service(s), a brief history, their vision and mission (if they do not have formal statements describe what you feel they might be) the industry they are in, their size (sales, income, number of employees), and your perception of their competitive advantage(s). State what the company goals may be ($xx sales for the coming year, for instance, or a certain percentage of profit).

Problem Statement: After doing background reading on the company, write a Problem Statement consisting of a single sentence describing a problem at the organization (it can be related to marketing, operations, finances, personnel). Provide a short background about the problem.

Strategic Analysis Part 1 (1-1.5 page).

Strategic Analysis: Under the heading Strategic Analysis, describe and justify the use of three (or more) strategic tools that you will apply to help solve or improve the problem you have selected and why you feel those tools are appropriate. At least one of the three tools must contain a financial data component. Mention at least two tools that you considered but will not use and why. A handout in the Doc Sharing tab lists some possible tools.
Strategic Analysis Part 2 (4-7 pages).

Strategic Analysis: Under sub headings containing the tool name (under the main heading Strategic Analysis), develop a strategic analysis using three or more tools. At the end of each analysis conclude with a summary of how the information relates to the problem identified.

Alternatives (2-4 pages).

Under a main heading Alternatives, develop a list of options – include those that may be “far fetched” without judging them. Note: ‘Do nothing’ is often a reasonable alternative. There should be multiple alternatives/options for the problem (3-8 is typical). Evaluate the alternatives by considering if the company can afford it; whether it will evoke a response from competitors; how employees/ customers/ stakeholders are likely to view the change; and how the alternative fits with organizational culture, vision, mission and goals.

Recommendations (1-2 pages).

Under a main heading of Recommendations, select one or more alternatives that your analysis supports. Describe exactly what needs to be done. Explain why this course of action will solve your stated problem. Include suggestions on how to best implement the alternative(s) you have chosen. Check the recommendations against the problem you identified; be sure the recommendations “fit” the problem. In your opinion, how likely is it the organization would be successful implementing your recommendations?

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