Paper on Application of CAM

| June 14, 2018

Application of CAMUnderstand the application one of the following CAM systems:traditional Chinese medicineAyurvedaacupuncture/acupressureThen, select a chronic health condition. Research how the CAM application you have chosen will improve the selected chronic health condition and discuss the reasons why a consumer would seek out this form of treatment.Support your position with at least two scholarly or peer-reviewed sources, in addition to the textbook and this week’s required/recommended reading. You may use professional Internet sources; however, these sources will not count toward the research requirement.Please expound on your discussion by addressing these fundamental concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine:You must be able to articulate these philosophical constructs in your discussion. How is disease viewed from a Chinese perspective? What is the concept of Qi and how do Ying/Yang and the 5 phases related to disease processes and also healing? These same questions should be in your mind when discussing Ayurveda. Consider intertwine the concepts of Qi and Prana to the discussion you had on vitalism

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