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“Public Leadership in Public Hospitals” Please respond to the following:

Note: Online students, please respond to two (2) of the following three (3) bulleted items.

From the weekly readings and first e-Activity, examine the major issues confronting the two (2) public leaders and their leadership style of responding to the issues in question, and proposed financial reform. Propose one (1) leadership theory and two (2) leadership styles that you would apply in order to handle the fiscal situation in question. Provide a rationale for your response. In your response to your peers, predict the potential for success of the proposed theory and styles to handle the fiscal situation, and provide a rationale.
From the weekly readings and second e-Activity, analyze the two (2) public leader styles that you consider to be most important to team development. Provide two (2) examples that depict the importance of such styles. Speculate on the degree to which the absence of these styles would impact team dynamics.
From the weekly readings and third e-Activity, examine the significant manner in which power struggles, bargaining, and conflict avoidance with medical staff may complicate the ability of a public leader to carry out the role and improve operations within a hospital. Propose two (2) styles that a public leader may take in order to mitigate such issues. Provide a rationale for your response. In your response to your peers, predict the potential for success of the proposed style geared toward mitigating the issues that a public leader faces, and provide a rationale.

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PAD 515

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PAD xxx WEEK x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

PAD xxx WEEK 5 xxxxxxxxxxxx

“Public xxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxx Hospitals” Please respond xx the xxxxxxxxxx

xxxx: xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx please xxxxxxx xx xxx (2) xx xxx following three (3) bulleted items.

xxxx xxx weekly xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx examine the major issues xxxxxxxxxxx the xxx (2) xxxxxx xxxxxxx and their xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx responding to xxx issues in question, xxx proposed xxxxxxxxx reform. Propose xxx (1) leadership xxxxxx and two xxx leadership styles that you xxxxx xxxxx in xxxxx xx handle the xxxxxx situation xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx for xxxx response. xx your response xx your peers, predict the xxxxxxxxx for xxxxxxx xx xxx proposed xxxxxx xxx styles to xxxxxx xxx fiscal situation, xxx provide x xxxxxxxxxx
From xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx second e-Activity, analyze the two xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx styles xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx to xx most important to xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx examples that depict xxx importance of xxxx styles.

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xxxxxxx head: PUBLIC xxxxxxxxxx 1

xxxxxx LEADERSHIP xxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx Public Hospitals





xxxx of xxxxxxxxxxx

Public Leadership in xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx x

x xxxxx are various xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx public hospitals xx the xxxxxxxx xxx there are xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and leadership styles that xxxx xxxxxxx xx the leaders xx the public leaders, the xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx facilities would be adequately xxxxxxxxx (Rust & Jager, xxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxx theory I xxxxx xxxxxxx that xxx be xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxx problems is the behavioral xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx theories primarily focus on how xxxxxxx xxxxxx corporations behave xxx xxxxxxxxx whether leaders involve xxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xx decision-making, or they xxxx dictate the tasks to xx xxxxxxx xxx in the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx cooperation (Rust & Jager, 2010).

x xxx two leadership styles I xxxxx xxxxx to handle xxx fiscal xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx are xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx

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Running xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx x


xxxxxxxx to e-Activities



First e-activity: xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxx Australian public hospitals failed xx show xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx government funding. The success xx any xxxxxxxxxxxx xx depended xx leaders xxx xxxxx leadership styles that are xxxxxxx to xxxxxxx and run xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx doubt that xxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx leadership xxxxxxxx traits xx xxxxxxxx and support xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx traits. One xxx xxxxx leadership xxxxxxxx that the Australian xxxxxx hospitals xxxxx have xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx to solve xxx underlying fiscal xxxxxxx is the contingency theory xxxxx asserts that there is definite way xx leading but xxxxxx the leader xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx the situation xx xxxxx In xxxx particular xxxxx the xxx xxxxxxx were supposed xx understand the xxxxxxxxx of xxx hospitals xxx xxxx xxx way xxxxxxxx xx xxx other hand, to xxxxx the fiscal xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx could xxxx leadership styles xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx changing political environment. The leaders xxxx attributed to xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx great xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to solve the xxxxxxx xx hand.

Second xxxxxxxxxx

xxx xx xxx

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