PA582 Midterm Latest 2017 August

| August 31, 2017

PA582 Midterm Latest 2017 August

Question 7 20 pts

Question 6 5 pts

(TCO E) Which of the following constitutes the largest source of federal revenues?

individual income taxes

corporate income taxes

government borrowing

excise taxes

Question 1 5 pts

(TCO A) Of the following, which is least valued by the political approach to public administration?



clear lines of administrative jurisdiction

interest groups

Question 2 5 pts

(TCO A) As values, representation and transparency:

are equally relevant to the public and private sectors.

have differing relevance to the public and private sectors.

do not bear on the practice of public administration.

none of the above.

Question 3 5 pts

(TCO C) During the 20th century, the government in the United States grew and expanded immensely. This trend has continued into this century. This growth and expansion is known as:

the third-party government.

the Civil Service Reform.

the market-based solution.

the rise of the administrative state.

Question 4 5 pts

(TCO I) Organized interests can influence administrative policy making through

advisory committees.


negotiated rule making.

all of the above.

Question 5 5 pts

(TCO E) Incremental budgeting tends to

reduce political conflict

eliminate agency overlaps

increase political conflict

strictly limit government spending

Question 7 20 pts

(TCO I) Discuss how you as a citizen can try to have an impact on policy making by public administrators and/or the governing body at a local level.

Question 8 20 pts

(TCO C) Define the term “interest group” (or “special interest group”), and explain how an individual may try to influence public policy via such a group.

Question 9 40 pts

(TCO A) Healthcare access and affordability is an issue that has become more prevalent in our society and has been the subject of much debate and legislation. Suppose for the sake of this question that the Congress of the United States government has at long last passed legislation providing for universal healthcare coverage, and the president has signed it into law. In other words, each and every citizen and resident of the United States is now entitled to healthcare services without regard as to the ability to pay.

Focusing only on the legal approach to public administration, please address how the government departments or agencies will be structured to implement this new policy. You may wish to address the values under that approach, the possible organizational structure, the view of the individual, decision making, and budgeting issues.

Question 10 40 pts

(TCO E) Please describe the main steps in the federal budget process. Please explain why understanding that annual process is vital to a policy making public administrator working within the federal government.

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