OVERVIEWThe final project

| June 10, 2016

OVERVIEWThe final project will be a business plan for a proposed venture that you plan to launch. It should follow theBusiness Plan framework described in Chapter 8, pages 256 ­266 and be approximately 20 ­25 pages long.This final project will consist of seven parts. The first part discusses the opportunity and target market. Thesecond part describes the marketing plan including information about the industry and the competition. The thirdpart presents the financial and financing plans. The fourth part discusses how to organize the venture and astrategy for harvesting the business. The fifth part is an Executive Summary. In part six, the previous five parts willbe revised based on feedback from your mentor, if necessary, and integrated into one document (The BusinessPlan). Creation of PowerPoint slides and a teleconference presentation will be the seventh part of the final project.The final project will count as 55 percent towards your final grade. See the breakdown and final project detailsbelow.

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