| April 9, 2018

Based on the prompt for Assignment #4, create a basic outline for your proposal. You must include the following elements:1 A thesis statement: what are the main concepts and ideas you explore in your paper and how do they relate to your company? (full sentences, 1 paragraph).2 Statement on sources and methods (full sentences, 2-3 sentences).3 Headings (bullets only): 4 a) connect the ideas of Machiavelli to elements/strategies/organization/ etc… of your company.5 b) counterargument(s)6 Subheadings: the evidence and analysis under each header. 7 Professional formatting throughout. Times New Roman, 12 pt font. 1″ margins all around the page. 8 Include your name, your company name, the submission date, and the TA’s (my) name in the header.Your outline will be a basic, sometimes called a “skeleton,” outline; it should be two pages in length.

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