Organizational Audit

| February 6, 2016

Organizational Audit
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Conduct a short interview and then perform an organizational audit presenting your analysis, interpretations, implications, and recommended actions.
The audit should address organizational processes, functions and subsystems as covered by course and outside readings.
Please note that if you cannot accomplish this process within your own organization, then choose an organization and interview the person in charge of developing human resources for the company. You must be able to identify both the company and the individual interviewed. You must also receive written permission from the individual you are interviewing, and include this permission with your assignment. It can be via email or you can scan a hard copy of the letter and include at the end of your paper. Include the letter or email as an Appendix.
You will be asking about the leadership, management policies, quality control initiatives, knowledge management in his/her organization and analyzing this information through the lens of whether the organization engenders a culture of creating a competitive advantage. Then conduct your own audit as noted above.
Briefly describe the organization you chose and explain why you made this choice.
Identify the individual you interviewed, date, time and location.
Describe the staff development plans, coaching philosophies, management policies, quality control initiatives, initiatives, etc., that are currently in existence.
Analyze the specific approaches against the background of scholarly research and provide an analysis of their effectiveness in terms of the organization’s vision, mission, goals, fit, etc.
Next, offer your own suggestions (remember to maintain 3rd person voice) for improvement with special emphasis on competitive advantage. Think as a scholar practitioner; in other words, as a consultant.
For the conclusion, discuss what you learned from the analysis of the information gained from the interview, the research and how it has or has not transformed your view on the organization where you work.
Length: 15-20 pages (maximum) plus References page.
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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