Organisational behaviour , learning portfolio

| February 14, 2016

Organisational behaviour , learning portfolio
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Part two of the learning portfolio is the final, full submission of the learning portfolio, made up of three distinct but interconnected assignments. Together these assignments comprise a log of your work and learning on the module.
Assignment 2 – suggested length 1000 words (excluding references), 25% of Learning Portfolio mark.?This assignment takes the form of a blog post, written from a more personal perspective and in less formal style than Assignment 1. The text should relate to your personal experience but draw on readings for lectures 3, 4, 5 or 6 (from bureaucracy to groups and teams). In this blog post you can reflect on working in a bureaucratic or post-bureaucratic organisation, reflect on your experience and engagement with technology at work and how technology has changed work, on your experience in an organization (you can address questions related to identity, emotions, motivation or experiences of discrimination, for example) or as a part of a group or team. Be sure to attend the seminars, they will help you think of these questions. To be able to complete this task successfully, please take the personal conclusions and reflection part of the seminars very seriously. Think about the questions raised in the seminars carefully, make notes ahead of class to discuss with your colleagues, and make a point of writing a personal statement about the issue after you have attended the seminar. That will be the basis for your assignment 2 and make it easier, too.??Draft deadline: A finished draft of Assignment 2 is due by end of University Week 8.?Peer review and feedback: Seminar 7 (University Week 9)???

Assignment 3 – suggested length 2000 words (excluding references), 60% of Learning Portfolio mark.?This assignment takes the form of an analytical essay (aka, argumentative essay). This means that you are to make an argument in your essay (that is, make a claim, have a reason for the claim and support it with evidence). You decide what you want to argue on the basis of the independent reading you will do for your essay. The topics/questions for the analytical essay will be posted on Moodle and discussed in Seminar 9 in Week 11. The analytical essay should focus on themes in lectures 7, 8, 9 and/or 10 (from culture to power), but also refer to relevant aspects of the topics covered earlier in the module. On how to develop an analytical essay, see for example and[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]?[endif]

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