Oregon BuS215 Week 8 Pop Quiz

| September 28, 2018

Question 1____ isa method of investment in which a company builds a new business or buys an existing business in a foreign country.A strategic allianceDirect foreign investmentA global new ventureA joint ventureDirect exporting1 points Question 2Which of the following countries has the largest direct foreign investment in the United States?NetherlandsGermanyJapanCanadaUnited Kingdom1 points Question 3AsMalta got ready for its admittance into the European Union (EU), the EU removed all taxes on the importation of goods manufactured in Malta. In other words, the EU abolished ____ for Malta-manufactured merchandise.import quotascustoms classificationsimport standardstariffsboycotts1 points Question 4Several Arab countries boycott Coca-Cola products because the soft-drink company maintains product distributors in Israel. This boycott is an example of ____.geocentrismnationalismnationalizationa trade barrieracculturation1 points Question 5The Japanese government has proclaimed that its snow is different from that found in any other region of the world. As a result, all snow skis marketed in Japan must be manufactured in Japan. This is an example of a(n) ____.tariffnontariff barrierimport boycottindustry subsidyindustry nationalization1 points Question 6Russia imposed limits on how much poultry, beef, and pork could be imported into the nation from the European Union (EU) in retaliation to limits the EU placed on how much grain Russia could export. What type of nontariff barrier did Russia use to control the amount of poultry, beef, and port it imported from the EU?quotassubsidiesboycottscustoms classificationsduties1 points Question 7TheGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) ____.decreases both tariffs and nontariff barriersputs stricter limits on government subsidieseliminates tariffs in ten specific industriesprotects intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, and copyrightdoes all of these1 points Question 8In termsof Hofstede’s cultural differences, the people whoare described as happy-go-lucky and are people who are comfortable with an unstructured life and deal well with sudden changes. In terms of Hofstede’s cultural differences, these people have a ____.culture based on equitylow degree of uncertainty avoidancemasculine culturehigh degree of uncertainty avoidancefeminine culture1 points Question 9Hallmark has four departments. These departments are (1) Flowers and Gifts, (2) Cards and E-cards, (3) Hallmark Collectibles, and (4) Photo Albums and Scrapbooks. Hallmark uses ____ departmentalization.matrixproductcustomergeographicfunctional1 points Question 10Large accounting agencies typically have separate departments that deal with households, businesses, and governments. This allows them to better serve the needs of their clients, by using ____ departmentalization.matrixproductcustomergeographicfunctional1 points Question 11In terms of the chain of command, ____ authority is the right to command immediate subordinates, while ____ authority is the right to advise but not command others who are not subordinates.departmental; functionalcentralized; decentralizedfunctional; expertinternal; externalline; staff1 points Question 12___is the degree to which a job gives workers the discretion, freedom, and independence to decide how and when to accomplish their jobs.Task significanceTask identitySkill varietyAutonomySkill feedback

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