OPS/571 Week 1 Process Design Matrix and Summary

| August 14, 2017

Week 1 Process Design
Matrix and Summary
Complete the Process Design Matrix.
1. Select both a service and
a manufactured product with which you are familiar.
2. Select three to five Process Design
Aspects that you will use to compare the Service and Product
that you selected NOTE: This is a comparison, therefore you
must choose the same Process Design Aspect for the Service
that you do for the Manufactured Process.
3. Enter the service characteristics
and manufactured product characteristics for each of the three to
five Design Aspects previously selected.
4. Write an Executive Summary of no more than 700 words (excluding the title
page and reference page) in which you:
Explain the service and the manufactured process that you
selected.Justify the entries that you made in the in the
service and product columns of the Process Design Matrix for each Process
Design Aspect by comparing your entries with
documentation from the textbook.

Submit Matrix with the
Executive Summary

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