Open the SPSS data file Monhlty Customer Analysis CSUGlobal

| August 31, 2017

Open the SPSS data file Monhlty Customer Analysis CSUGlobal (linked at the bottom of the page and also available on the Course Information page) and identify the following data information:

From the Data View identify the number of observations for this data file.
From the Variable View identify 1) the number of variables in this dataset and 2) the meaning of variables Quarter and CreditRating. Have these two variables been coded?
Use the Data View to determine the type of values for each variable. That is, are they categorical/discrete or numerical/continuous variables? For categorical/discrete types, are they Nominal or Ordinal?
What variable is being used to code the Temperature_Range variable? What will be the value in Temperature_Range for a temperature of 110?
Why do you think that Quarter is being coded as a categorical variable, even though it is numbers?
Perform a frequency analysis of the CreditRating variable. Go to “Analyze” to “Descriptive statistics” to “Frequency” menus. Which credit ratings have the highest frequencies?
Perform a descriptive analysis of the DollarSales variable. Go to “Analyze” to “Descriptive statistics” to “Descriptive” menus. What is the mean and the standard deviation?
For all other variables, perform either a frequency analysis or a descriptive analysis.
Based on the output, write a brief report describing the distribution of each variable. Statistics should follow general statements in parentheses as supporting evidence.

Examples of reporting descriptive statistical results:

A majority of the survey respondents are married (married = 68%, single = 32%).
The average income of the respondents is $35,000 with the SD = $8,000. The histogram chart shows that income is skewed to the left.
Copy and paste any data or tables into the paper and label each section clearly. Your well-written paper should be 2-4 pages in length.

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