Online course Class discussion

| December 13, 2015

Topic: Online course Class discussion

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Questions this Study Unit

Consider the Centralian College case on pages 85-87 then answer:

– was it essential in your opinion for Centralian to develop new subjects, courses, programs? Why?

– was it an important factor for Centralian to be able to effectively penetrate the market to be able to grow its business? Answer this using the BCG & Ansoff models. You may have a different answer to someone before you in the discussion. Marketers do set different strategies, don’t they.

– Based on what you’ve learned in this Unit, could Centralian have employed more of the extended marketing mix Ps to better achieve the desired outcomes? Which mix P strategy or strategies? What do you suggest & why? Give this your best assessment now. We revisit the marketing mix in more detail later in the Course. I want to know what you think now, and why.

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